Book Covers & graphic design
A collab cover for a Stardew Valley themed book. Jade Armstrong: sketch, colours, Christine: inks, graphic design.
Scout is not a Band Kid: alternate cover
I was asked to do the alternate cover for "Scout is Not a Band Kid", the Penguin Random House graphic novel by Jade Armstrong. They asked for something "very anime". This is the secret cover for the hardcover edition.
Character Re-Design
My take on the characters from "The Scum Villain's Self-Saving System", a Chinese fantasy comedy novel about sword fighting beautiful men, set in ancient China.
Pin Ups
Pin ups for a "hot boy" themed calendar released by Hello Boyfriend for 2022.
Character Design
Character drawings for Inktober of 2018. I did one design every day for a month.
Life drawing caricatures, based on real models & poses.
Poster design for the Toronto Comic Arts Festival, and a illustration for a zine about bros.
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